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Across from the Chumey Nature Resort Bhutan, one can view the historic site of Domkhar Tashichholing Palace, home of the second King of Bhutan. The ruins of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorjes Monastery lie further afield. The recently restored Buli Lhakhang Dorje Lingpa (1346 - 1405) is located across the Valley with Tharpaling Goemba perched on the hillside above it.

All these treasures lie within walking distance from the Chumey Nature Resort, giving one ample opportunity to explore the heart of Bhutanese culture and history.

For the determined hiker there is the recently developed Heritage Trekking route between the Trongsa and Chumey Valleys, at the end of which one will find the Chumey Nature Resort a perfect and convenient haven of rest and relaxation after your days trip.

The main town of Chamkhar lies at the foot of Bumthangs most important dzong, Jakar, which is about 20 minutes further east, across the low picturesque Kekela Pass. A days sightseeing will enable you to take in the famous Jambey and Kurjey Lhakhang temples. Enjoy a pleasant walk along the Bumthang Chhu river from Kurjey to Tamshings old monastery. Round out your day with a visit to the famous Swiss-founded cheese factory, and if you like, a visit to Jakars dzong after business hours.

Visit the holy lake of Membartso (The Burning Lake), where a wooden bridge strewn with colorful prayer flags crosses the river gorge. According to legend, only the enlightened will spot the sacred temple concealed in the pools dark depths.

If you like a good hike, a trip to the hilltop Ugencholing Palace is in order. This 16th century manor house now houses a Museum that offers a unique insight into the lifestyle of a Bhutanese noble family.


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