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Yasur Volcano Safari

Experience the awesome majesty of mighty Yasur Volcano. Travel by 4wd safari vehicle to the far side of Tanna. As you make your journey you will pass through villages and farms, and see fascinating glimpses of village life. Midway through you will crest Mt. Loanialu and will observe your destination - Yasur volcano, and the black sand surf beaches and Sulphur Bay beyond.

A little further on you will pass through eerie ash plains and extinct lava flows before parking at the foot of the volcano. A short 10 min walk will take you to the rim of the crater where you will be able to wonder at the power of nature.

Epai Or Yakel Kastom Village

Travel by 4wd safari vehicle to Yakel or Epai village deep in the jungle and experience a way of life that has not changed in centuries. The villagers have resisted the trappings of Western culture and continued to embrace a subsistence way of life dominated by their belief in Kastom.

Black Magic & Kava Tasting

You will be transported by 4wd safari vehicle to experience the rituals of Black Magic practised by a Warrior Tribe in the highlands of Tanna. Never before has this tribe, who still live the way they have for hundreds of years, shared its black magic secrets. You will be surprised and amazed at the Kastom beliefs and practises.

Louniel Surf Beach & Waterfall Safari

Cross to the far side of the island by 4wd to Louniel village. Follow the steep and scenic descent on a purpose built track to the magnificent 40m waterfall where you can swim beneath its cascading waters with the local village children or simply take in the scenery.

Following your return to the vehicle our guide will drive you to the black beach lookout where you enjoy a panoramic view of the black sand coastline and Mt Yasur volcano in the distance. Continue on to the black sand beach where you have free time to enjoy your picnic lunch, swim, horse ride or stroll along the volcanic sand.

Blue Cave

The boatmen from the North will transport you by fishing boat along the magical limestone coast. Along the way the boatmen may trawl Tanna style for Wahoo or Yellow Fin Tuna. You will pass ancient caves and deserted beaches plus the amazing Lemnap (Blue) Cave. To access this remarkable natural cavern you will take a short dive underwater of approximately half a metre into the turquoise interior.

Here you will see that nature has created a stunning grotto, 60 metres in diameter, which is lit from above by a shaft of light filtering down through a 5 metre hole in the caves roof. A breathtaking experience.

Game Fishing – Tanna Style

Depart from the resort in the early morning, travelling by motorised fishing boat with one of our local fishermen. Local game fish includes Marlin, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Barracuda and Skipjack. All caught fish belong to the village and the fish are either then purchased by the resort off the fisherman for dinner or given to their village.

Sea Kayak Safari

Our experienced guide will lead you out through the reef and along the coastline to visit deserted beaches and snorkel virgin reefs. You may even see a turtle.

Reef Walking

At low tide the coral shelf exposes itself and allows you to explore its myriad of rock pools and crevices.

John Frum Village (Friday Evenings)

Visit the rhythmic dancing ceremony of the John Frum villagers. These Tannese people were encouraged by the WWII soldier John Frum to turn from Christianity for the promise of a better life with the addition of Western goods such as radios and coca cola. John returned to America and his followers are still awaiting his return and the bounty he will bring. Join in the dancing and enjoy the celebration of this unique cult.

Mountain Bike Hire

There are many fascinating villages, beaches and points of interest within an easy ride of the resort. We have many listed bike trails or leave you to your own exploration. A picnic lunch is available.

Hiking On The White Grass Plains

Only a short 30 min walk from the resort you will reach the famed White Grass Plains, home of the wild horses. Sensational panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and coastline are yours to enjoy.

Horseriding At Lenakel Cove

Enjoy a horseback experience Tanna style. You will travel by 4wd to Lenakel Cove and then ride through forest paths to the forest where you will visit a magnificent Banyan tree and through a local village. You will enjoy amazing views along the coast from the high plateau.

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