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The Villages Resort Promotions Resorts in Kiribati

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The tourist attractions in Kiribati are plenty. It is a big treat for nature lovers and adventure seekers in the form of excellent white beaches and crystal clear waters of the lagoon. There are superb deep-sea fishing and snorkeling in Kiribati. Tourists can charter boats to sail across Tarawa Lagoon.

Cultural tours, war tours, dance floorshows, lagoon sailing and reef fishing are all available in Tarawa.

The natural environment of the islands and surrounding waters present unrivalled experiences, with the marine world offering world class fishing and undiscovered diving, while on land the bird life is incredible.

Kiritimati, in the Line Group, is the largest coral atoll in the world with an expansive inland lagoon system and extensive coastline, both boasting endless flats of white sand, coral and crystal clear waters.  The waters of Kiritimati are alive with bonefish and trevally as well as many other fish varieties. As such, Kiritimati is internationally renowned as a destination for bone fishing and other fishing.

Kiritimati waves present uncrowded isolated surf, in a very remote untouched environment, and are a more accessible alternative than Fanning Island.

Below the surface, the crystal clear waters and the masses of colorful sea life of the untouched marine environment offer superb diving and snorkeling.

Away from the villages on the lagoon islets, Kiritimati is a haven for birdlife owing to its many wildlife sanctuaries, offering birdwatchers an ideal destination to watch shearwaters, terns and many other species of migratory sea bird.

The outer islands of Kiribati offer varied experiences in terms of environment, culture, activity and remoteness.

The most notable attraction of Kiribati is the Christmas Island. This lovely island is covered with several ponds and lakes and has sizable bird colonies. The tourists can take study trips to take a closer look at the local birdlife. Game fishing is an extremely popular sport on Christmas Island.

Tourists interested in culture can partake in many cultural activities. There are trips available for seeing the dance contests and races of outrigger canoeing.


Resorts in Kiribati

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