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Sorobon Beach Resort Promotions Resorts in Bonaire

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After enjoying a lazy time on the beach at Sorobon Beach Resort, visitors can also find lots of fun things to do on Bonaire.

Windsurfers Paradise

 Sorobon Beach Resort is right next door to Jibe City and the windsurf Place, two of the most popular windsurfing schools in the Caribbean.  The idyllic lagoon at Sorobon and Lac has onshore winds and offers ideal conditions for both novice and professional sailors.  Waist deep water and sandy bottoms make it a great place to learn or tone your skills. From freestyle to complex maneuvers, surfers will have a chance to catch sight of some of the islands Pros. 

Kite Surfing

At just ten minutes by car from the hotel is the kite beach Atlantis. The smooth water and perfect wind make this an ideal place to learn for beginners and to have a great time for the advanced kiters.

There are instructors available with boats to help you out with lessons or in times of trouble. The best gear is available and the offshore winds provide a safe experience.


On the beautiful beach at Sorobon Beach Resort there are kayaks at your disposal. They are free of charge and they provide a wonderful means to explore the bay. If you want to be sure you don't miss a thing you can hire a local guide to show you all the beauty our Lac Bay has to offer.

Divers Paradise

Just about 50% of the visitors to Bonaire come to SCUBA dive! The island is known as one of the top three dive destinations in the world.  Glass smooth water with pleasant temperatures and great visibility offer divers breathtaking underwater vistas.  There are literally dozens of types of coral-and hundreds of species of fish from all colors of the rainbow. Known as the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, most of the sits can be accessed from shore! Bonaire is the ideal dive location for both the beginner and well seasoned divers.

Mountain Biking

When it comes to mountain biking, Bonaire has more than 300 miles of dirt trails. Riders will also find many tar roads as well as single trails when they make their way around the island.  Bikers are also welcome to traverse the National park with the use of a guide. 

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