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With 16 bungalows, Palm Village Resort offers relaxing and pleasant accommodation. All rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities including air conditioner, hot shower, private balcony, mini bar, and cable television.

Spa Package

Palm Village Resort Spa Package consists of a massage with natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, leaves and roots. One of the herbs used is Punley. Punley is a rhizome of the ginger family and has been used by Khmer ladies for skin care since ancient time. The use of time-proven natural ingredients ensures that our spa treatment is both safe and effective.

Palm Village Resort also offers traditional steam spa whereby you expose yourself to aromatic steam from a hot pot of natural herbs. The hot steam make you perspire and release toxins from your body.

  • Rejuvenation : herbal body scrub, Khmer steam and body fruit wrap

  • Detoxification : herbal body scrub, Khmer steam and body turmeric wrap (turmeric leaves yellow stains)

  • Slimming program : herbal body scrub, Khmer steam and banishing cellulite massage.


After your return from the day-long visit at the temples, you can enjoy full-body massage service to relax and revitalize your body and soul. We have a full range of services for you to choose from:

  • Relaxation : full oil body massage

  • Energy balancing : stretching and pressing

  • Release Tiredness : foot and leg massage

  • Body harmonizing : foot reflexology

Special Massage

  • Body polishing: rice and fruit exfoliating

  • Deep relaxation: 4 hand massage

  • Face cleansing: face massage and fruit mask

  • Foot softening: green papaya foot wrap

  • Hand care: Pineapple hand wrap

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