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Hotel Royal Gardens Promotions - Resorts in Paraguay

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Paraguay offers some of the most beautiful landscape and wildlife of any destination in South America.

There is a big list of Paraguay attractions, which make the country of Paraguay a dream destination for the tourists.

Iguassu Falls

This is one of the really picturesque tourist attractions in Paraguay. It lies along the border of three countries - Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The name can be translated to - great water, which is quite descriptive of the scenic view you get when you visit here.

The Chaco

This vast, scarcely populated area, consisting mainly of empty plains and forests, covers 61 per cent of the country’s total surface. The Chaco is, after the Amazon rain forest, the worlds second-largest forest area and is a popular location for pursuers of ecotourism.


The capital city is situated on the Bay of Asuncion, an inlet off the Paraguay River. Planned on a colonial Spanish grid system, it has many parks and plazas. On the way to the waterfront the visitor enters the old part of town, an area of architectural diversity.


The small city of Conception along the Paraguay River has sandy beaches, lovely old buildings and horse-drawn carts, and the nearby national park of Cerro Cora has many hiking trails, waterfalls, caves and rock paintings, as well as many rare birds and animals.


Resorts in Paraguay

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