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Carp Island Resort Promotions Resorts in Palau

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Palau has a rainbow of colors with more than 1,400 species of reef fish and about 600 species of hard and soft corals. Palau also has one of the highest diversities of marine life.

Carp Island Resort is just 10 minutes away from Palaus famous dive sites, the Blue Corner, Blue Holes, and beautiful drop-offs.

Carp Island Resort is an intimate island with various activities to choose from and their friendly staff and guides can help you build your days itinerary.

Either take along a guide, or just with an aid of a map, have a tour of their tropical forest and see the huge banyan trees, taro patches, bat caves and as you keep on the track, you will be led to the authentic Yapese stone money.

Other activities include kayaking, snorkeling, camping, leisure fishing, Rock Island tours, and scuba diving.

Room Rates:

From April 01st 2010 to March 31st 2011

Seaside Cottage - Single - $90.00

Seaside Cottage - Double - $110.00

Sunrise Cottage - Single - $100.00

Sunrise Cottage - Double - $120.00

Seaside Deluxe Cottage - Single - 110.00

Seaside Deluxe Cottage - Double - 130.00

Suite Room - Single - $130.00

Suite Room - Double - $150.00

Dive House - Single - $65.00

Dive House – Double - $85.00


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